Corporate Profile

Shandong Electric Power Construction First Engineering Company began in 1952, formerly known as the Shandong reconstruction of the Ministry of Electric Power Shanghai Construction Bureau twenty-second engineering office, in 1956 was placed under the Shandong power management. The company is the world's top 500 China Power Construction Group, the backbone of the members of enterprises, with power engineering construction general contractor Yiji, construction general contractor Yiji, power station commissioning level, boiler installation and transformation of a crane design and manufacture of maintenance , The municipal public works construction general contracting, environmental engineering contracting more than 30 qualifications, holding ASME organization A, PP, U card and NBR qualification certificate, is the country Shou contract re-credit enterprises and national high-tech enterprises, known as the national Of the "construction of iron army".

Social Responsibility

Adhere to the social responsibility into the enterprise development plan, earnestly implement the scientific concept of development, and actively implement the commitment to sustainable development, through the intensive market, integrity management, strengthen management, scientific and technological innovation, create quality

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