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Thermal Power

By now, SEPCO1 has obtained qualifications including Grade A+ general contracting in electric power engineering sector, together with Grade A qualification for contracting foreign projects, importing and exporting complete set of equipment, installation of equipment of thermal power plant, construction of high-rise buildings. In terms of construction of high parameter thermal power generator below 1100MW, SEPCO1 runs ahead of its domestic and overseas counterparts. It has won Luban Award for China construction projects four times and other awards including National Quality Engineering Award (Gold & Silver) and China Electric Power Quality Engineering Award more than 80 times for its excellent construction performance in thermal power projects. SEPCO1 has extended its regions of business to more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of China and more than 10 countries in South America, South Asia, Central Asia and West Asia, making SEPCO1 become one of China-based electric engineering contractor with the most extensive operation region and the largest business scale.

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