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Safety And Health

To publicize and implement the guiding principles of safety production issued by the superior departments, enhance the sense of mission and responsibility for safe production, eliminate the potential safety hazards to the maximum extent so as to resolutely curb the production accidents, and in accordance with the activities planned in the “safe production month”, SEPCO1 organized the relevant staffs to watch an accident-warning and educational film in Conference Room 501 at headquarters on the morning of June 6, 2019. Wang Shoumin, the Chairman of SEPCO1, delivered a keynote speech on safety production to all the meeting participants. The activity was held in the form of video conference, and the participants in main conference room included SEPCO1’s high-level leaders, senior executives, the presidents from the Corporate Management Committee, Project Executive Committee, and the managers of other departments at headquarters. In addition, there were 49 branch meeting places, with participants being the leading group members from the overseas agencies and project departments, as well as the managers from the safety and engineering departments and subsidiary companies. The total number of participants in main and branch meeting places reached 360. The meeting was presided over by Han Jianhui, the Managing Director of SEPCO1.

During the activity, firstly the staffs were organized to watch an accident-warning and educational film, then Wang Shoumin, the Secretary of CPC Committee and Chairman of SEPCO1, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Strengthen All Employees’ Safety Responsibility in Production to Ensure SEPCO1’s High-Quality Development”. The chairman interpreted the enterprise’s responsibility of safety production in accordance with national laws and regulations, presented an in-depth analysis on the internal and external circumstances for safety production faced by SEPCO1, and put forward the specific requirements on how to implement the safety responsibility of all employees.

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